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Universities level courses 

that we offer in:


- Switzerland               - France                  - United kingdom              - Ireland

- Austria                        - Spain                    - Portugal                            - Italy

- Germany                    - United states      -  New Zealand                  - Canada

-  China                         - Australia               - and many more...

 Trade and secretarial college.

 I.T training leading to diploma.

 Trade and commercial courses.

 Commerce Diploma.

 Business management (BBA, MBA, Executive MBA ).

 University foundation courses.

 Teacher, training for pre-school teachers.

 Architecture and industrial design.

 Paramedical profession and social work.

 Artistic professions.

 Hotel & tourism management ( BBA, MBA )

 " Finishing " schools, general culture and language    

    courses (only for girls).

Our programs for universities years:


Swiss Education Services, Offer best universities for students, most of the universities programs that we offer are recognized and accredited internationally. We do work with the best universities in Switzerland and around of the world.


The quality in Education that universities gives and we are proud to count them as our partners around the world:


- Excellent Teachers

- Very Good Programs

- Best Facilities.


In order to make the right choice, Swiss Education Services, studies each case individually with students and recommends the most appropriate universities and program corresponding to the desires, the ability, the motivation and the vocation of each student.


All our services and recommendations aim to help parents in the selection of schools are free of charges.

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