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Welcome to Swiss Education Services.

Embrace the Opulent Experience

About Swiss Education Services


Swiss Education Services, is an international advisory group covering most part of the world with the Middle East and Gulf countries. 


Established in 1998 by Nada Esreb CEO of the group Opulence and Swiss Services Limited, is dealing with Education and Real Estate.


Swiss Education Services based in Bahrain by Nada Esreb, to help parents and or students  who would like to move to Switzerland, France, or any other country. 


Swiss Education Services offer day schools, boarding schools, universities, traveling to different countries and learn languages, summer camps, winter camps, all around the world.


Swiss Education Services, all our services are Free of Charge.


Our aim is to establish a personalized contact with schools in order to pinpoint your specific requirement.


Our experience, knowledge of the programs and schools guarantee appropriate education and training.


Also Swiss Education Services group Opulence offer real estate properties services:  buy luxurious property or rent to settle as second residence or vacation property and enjoy 5* hotel services in you luxury private villa, or invest in Hotel, building or commercial . 


Since establishing Swiss Education Services, our main focus has been to offer the very best services to our clients.

Our team of consultants are multi-lingual, they are all experts with their knowledge in education.


In order to make the right choice, Swiss Education Services, studies each case individually with parents and students and recommends the most appropriate school and program corresponding to the desires, the ability, the motivation and the vocation of each student.


 To ensure the best and most efficient services, we are proud to count famous 

institutions and agencies in Switzerland, France, united Kingdom and around the world.


Swiss Education Services collaborates with more than 100 organizations. We do not impose our choice but, according to your wishes, we recommend a boarding school, university, a language course, a summer camp, winter camps best suited to student's needs.


​Who We Are:


Swiss Education Services, Offer the best schools for your children, most school programs that we offer are recognized and accredited internationally. We do work with the best schools institution in Switzerland and other schools, institution around the world.


Our Services and recommendations are Free of charge aim to help parents, students in there selection.


The quality of Education that schools gives and we are proud to count them as our partners are :

- Excellent Teachers.

- Best Programs

- Excellent Facilities.


In order to make the right choice, Swiss Education Services, studies each student individually with parents or student and recommends the most appropriate school and program corresponding to the desires parents, student the ability, the motivation and the vocation of each student.


Swiss Education Services, wishes to recall that parents or students choose the institution freely and enter into a contractual agreement with the institution upon enrolment. Therefore Swiss Education Services cannot be held legally responsible for any problems or difficulties that may arise between our client and selected insitution.

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